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Diamonds are romantic but also a sound investment!

Eternally beautiful and desirable forever...

It seems that the love of diamonds is ever growing, particularly due to celebrities but also because of the eternal beauty and desirability of diamonds.  Each one is unique and individual and demand worldwide is growing massively especially in growing economies such as India and China.  

Everyone wants a diamond...

Diamond prices are on the rise meaning that they are a sound investment.  (This perspective always goes down well with the gents!!).   So when you are planning to purchase your dream engagement ring just think what it could be worth in a few years.  If you purchase your diamond ring from us then you will certainly make money within a short space of time as we sell our diamond rings with extremely low margins.

The best prices on diamond jewellery...

We offer the best quality jewellery but as an online jeweller we can keep our overheads to an absolute minimum, so our customers get excellent value for money and end up owning an investment piece of jewellery.

Best online range of engagement rings...

We have an extensive collection of stunning engagement rings each one fully customisable to suit taste and budget.  Find your dream engagement ring with us.  There is much discussion about how much should be spent on an engagement ring.  We believe you should only spend what you can afford but a commonly heard amount is ‘2 months’ salary’.  When thinking about which engagement ring the centre diamond will account for the majority of the price of the engagement ring while the metal of choice has a smaller impact on price. This means that you need to make some important decisions when choosing the centre diamond.

Which engagement ring?

The size or carat of the diamond

Everyone knows that the larger the diamond the rarer and so more valuable it is.  If the person who is going to be wearing the engagement ring has small fingers then remember that the diamond will look proportionally bigger on her hand than someone with larger fingers.  If a large diamond in the engagement ring is desired you may want to consider an engagement ring style which has tapered shoulders.  This means that the ring band tapers in towards the diamond also helping the diamond to appear larger.

The colour of the diamond

‘D’ colour is the rarest and completely colourless diamond and because of this you will pay a premium.  We only sell white diamonds up to an ‘I’ colour but we think that a ‘G’ colour represents extremely good value as the diamond is very white but much more reasonably priced.  Only a trained eye, whilst comparing to a ‘D’ colour diamond (side by side) would be able to tell the difference.

The clarity of the diamond

Again, we don’t believe it is always worth purchasing a diamond which is internally flawless as this is something only a trained eye using a loupe would be able to identify.  Of course there is a huge premium on these diamond too as they are very rare.  A good option if you are trying to achieve the best diamond for your engagement ring is a VS2 quality.  This is because this quality is in a significantly lower price bracket compared to other qualities and these diamonds only have very small inclusions which are not visible to the naked eye.  If you are considering emerald, asscher or baguette cut diamonds then it may be advisable to go for a higher quality.  This because of the way they are cut with fewer facets which can mean that VS2 inclusions are sometimes noticeable to the naked eye.

Round cut or other shape diamond

Another consideration is the shape of the diamond for the ring.  Round cut diamond pricing come are in priced on a completely different price list to all other diamond shapes including princess cut and emerald cut.  Round cut diamonds are more expensive than all other shapes.  So perhaps you could purchase a higher carat weight princess cut for the same price as a smaller round cut diamond.

We realise that your purchase is very important and we are always more than please to help advise you on which engagement ring, diamond ring or any other piece of diamond jewellery.  We have experienced diamond jewellery consultants who can advise you on every aspect of the purchase.  We will always work with you after purchase to make sure that the engagement ring or diamond ring lives up to every hope and dream.  A good place to start is by looking at our collection of engagement rings.





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