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Diamond Shapes

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Engagement Rings-Diamond Shapes

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Round brilliant is the traditional shape for a diamond engagement ring and is the most popular of all diamond shapes. A round brilliant diamond is cut in a round shape at the top to maximise its return of light, while its overall shape resembles a cone.  Since it is a symmetrical diamond, it is capable of returning nearly all the light that enters it and is therefore the most brilliant of diamond cuts.  A diamond which is not a round brilliant cut is known as a fancy-shaped diamond.

Princess Cut Diamonds

The most popular of fancy-shaped diamonds, the princess cut diamond is square with pointed corners, while its overall shape is a pyramid. It has a modified brilliant cut - a variation of the standard round brilliant cut which accentuates the diamond's fire.  Princess cut diamond engagement rings are a modern alternative to the traditional round brilliant diamond engagement rings.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut diamond has a step cut - a cut with rectangular facets that are arranged parallel to its girdle. An emerald cut diamond has a rectangular top with cropped corners and is cut to accentuate a diamond's luster. This style of cutting was originally used for the cutting of emeralds, but was discovered to be perfect for diamonds. Emerald cut diamonds are a very popular choice due to their elegance and beauty.

Diamond Shoulder Rings | Side Stones

Diamond set shoulder rings have a central diamond with smaller diamonds set along the sides or ‘shoulders’ of the ring.  This style has been made popular by Tiffany with their much-loved ‘Legacy’ ring. 


Other Fancy Shape Diamonds for our Engagement Rings & Diamond Rings

Pear Shape Diamonds

The pear or teardrop has a single point at one end and rounded end ot the other.  A more unusual cut giving a striking effect.

Heart Shape Diamonds

A heart shaped diamond is essentially a pear shaped diamond with a cleft cut into its top.  This is a very romantic choice.  What could be better a beautiful eternal diamond in the symbol of love!

Marquise Shape Diamonds

The marquise diamond has an elongated shape with pointed ends and is cut to maximise its carat weight, giving a larger looking stone.  This cut looks stunning as a single diamond but can also look beautiful as a trilogy ring with two diamonds set either side.  A popular choice of side stones are baguette shape.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

The radiant cut diamond combines the brilliance of the standard round brilliant cut diamond with the emerald cut diamond shape.


Asscher Cut Diamonds

The Asscher cut diamond is a square emerald cut with deep cropped corners and 72 facets.  This cut has a very art-deco vintage feel.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Our antique style rings evoke the art deco period and many feature a cushion cut diamond, also called a pillow cut diamond.  The cushion cut diamond has large open facets and they are closely identified with the romantic qualities if a classic antique diamond cut.

Loose Diamonds

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